Digital doodles, late-night animating, or a small label illustration for my homebrew beer. This is a collection of one off illustrations that may or may not have a purpose, but were pretty damn fun to create.

Tobias Frere-Jones

I researched and designed a book of five essays regarding Tobias Frere-Jones and his typeface Gotham, this book covered basic background on Tobias and his early typefaces and discussed how the open-source type movement affected his work. Digitally printed and hand perfect bound, 120 pages.

The Walking Dead

This project was a study on the objects that define fictional characters, and become the essence of who they are and what they represent. By taking this idea and applying it to The Walking Dead TV series, I was able to single out objects that represented particular characters. Four total prints in the series, each with two colors on 18"x24" 100lb "True White" Speckletone paper from the French Paper Company.

Carlos Florez

Poster design created for a lecture given by Carlos Florez, Director, Filmmaker, and Emmy Award Winner. Taking inspiration from the RED cameras Florez often shoots with, I created an illustration hybrid between a full RED camera rig and that of a classic analog film camera. Digitally printed.

Bartleby: Creative Arts Journal

This book was designed for the 34th installment of Bartleby, the creative arts journal published once a year composed solely of student submissions in areas of fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, and visual art. In addition to the offset printed book, I created a poster for the soft-release party as well as selected a single piece of poetry to create a minimalist poster design

Terra Rubra

A craft brewery concept inspired by Francis Scott Key and the War of 1812 in Baltimore. Its name originates from the plantation in Carroll County built by Key's grandfather and the birth site of Francis Scott Key. From the handmade screenprinted growler case to the fully functional responsive website, this project allowed me to combine various skills to create one detailed branding concept.

Bits & Pieces

My name is Michael Muccioli and I am a multi-discipline Designer & Illustrator living and working in Baltimore, MD. Currently I am a Junior Designer at Havas Discovery.